Coursework Submission – Possible issues

From our childhood days, the do it now concept has been preached to us- that we should finish our tasks as soon as possible if not immediately. As a student, coursework submission is a very important task that keeps on recurring. But while these tasks keep on recurring, there are several issues that can affect coursework submissions. Although some of them cannot be avoided others can be avoided if we learn the right tricks. While students are required to perform their coursework to enhance their research skills, broaden their knowledge, and demonstrate that they can reason, discuss, and construct practical outcomes, some of them face a lot of issues when it comes to law coursework. Here are the top 5 possible issues that may affect coursework writing and submission.

1. Procrastination

This is perhaps the first major reason that affects coursework submission. Most students reason that assignments and coursework can wait since they still have other important things to do. They usually engage in other things until they realize that the deadline for submitting their coursework has finally reached. Apart from the relaxation and the self-indulgement activities, there are other happenings that may affect the student’s desire to work.

2. Technical issues

There are also technical issues that may affect law coursework submission. For instance, the original file that they wrote their work on may be corrupted so that after the deadline they have to submit the coursework again. There are also other issues such as the assignment video cannot be viewed through the links so they have to upload a new video. These issues and others may eventually affect coursework writing and submissions and lead to late submissions.

3. Unforeseen events

Unforeseen events such as accident, illnesses, obligatory commitments, and lack of concentration may also affect submission deadlines. There may also be resource constraints such as website going down, lack of power or the reference material locked up by another person.

4. Not understanding the question well

Failing to understand the law question well may also affect a student’s coursework submissions and cause lateness. For instance, the student may start asking himself whether he got the question right and whether he has the right resources to work on it. But even if he has all the resources he may not have the ability to work on the coursework. Discussions with other students to clarify these may, therefore, put a lot of demand on their time and eventually affect their submission deadline. More so, the student may lack the language, mode, and style of presentation.

Wrap up

Although several issues that may lead to late submissions of law coursework, the penalty is usually great hence every student should always strive to avoid them. For instance, if you hand in your coursework late without any valid reason your marks will be deducted according to the college’s penalty scheme. It’s, therefore, very important to give yourself enough time so that you can complete the coursework to the best of your ability. This way, you don’t have to rush or worry about attracting late submission penalties. Avoid leaving your coursework up to last minute.

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